How to maintain electric winch?

4×4 electric winch

Winch is often used in harsh conditions. Therefore, the daily use will seriously affect its life. Must not ignore the daily maintenance.

1, easy to win the inside of the winch, the need for frequent dismantling maintenance (recommended 1 year / 1 times), re-replace the butter and check the gear.

2, if the cable appears dead fold, broken wire, etc. need to be replaced in time.

3, check whether the clutch slip situation.

4, try to avoid too much wading.

5, the winch relay need to always check whether the normal, electric shock whether the burning situation, and connected to the winch ground. Reduce the length of uninterrupted operation winch, so as to avoid overheating relay.

Again, if used after the end, the cable must release it and re-wrapped, and then put away. If the winch and the weave are dirty, be sure to clean it thoroughly. Commonly used a little lubricant, help rust, or will reduce its life. If the winch is used for a long time, it will give the battery an extra load. So the battery should also be regularly checked and maintained.

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