Electric or Hydraulic winch


which one to choose? It is often considered that even if you have hydraulics on your vehicle then you may still choose Electric, this is because if your hydraulics fail you still have your electric winch. If cost is an issue then you will usually find it cheaper to buy Electric, even if you have a P.T.O. ( Power Take Off Point ) serving other hydraulics, you still have to buy the control valves, pipes and fittings.

Hydraulic winches are designed and built for the professional, and range from 8,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs line pull.

RELIABILITY may seem a pretty boring attribute, especially when applied to Motor sport, in the same way that “Safety” used to be considered. Well the H12-2speed is reliable and because it provides inexhaustible power, that 200 metre bog hole will be child’s play, instead of a nightmare.

A CAR BATTERY is designed to provide a lot of power for just a few seconds, i.e. to crank an engine, or a few amps power for a much longer period, whilst being recharged from an alternator. Electric winches require extreme levels of power 150-400amps (2 – 4 kW) for a long period of time and there lies the weakness. Hydraulic systems, on the other hand, are designed to provide enormous amounts of power for an indefinite period and there lies the H12’s strength.

DON’T BE AFRAID OF HYDRAULICS they are really simple systems, indeed the concept goes back many centuries. The H12 works because it is based upon principles used every minute of every day, from the little tough Mini-Diggers, to the largest piece of earth moving machinery, working relentlessly in the most extreme conditions imaginable.

WE LIVE IN A “DISPOSABLE” SOCIETY, well maybe? But instead of buying another electric winch next year, or a pile of spare parts this year, why not buy an H12 now. Then get some of those awesome new Mud Terrain tyres, or the diff-lockers you always wanted, with the money you have saved?

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A WINCH, by switching from electric to hydraulic, you will be ridding yourself of what is statistically the most unreliable 4×4 accessory available and changing to one at the top of the reliability charts.

THERE ARE SOME SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUES TOO. Concentration is an important factor when using a winch and anything that distracts the operator from the task of winching is a clear and present danger. If the winch doesn’t stop when you release the button, if you are constantly wondering whether the winch is sustaining damage by overheating, or if you are worried about using lights or wipers because it will further flatten the battery, these will all effect your ability to use the winch safely

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