4×4 electric winch

How to maintain electric winch?
Winch use and precautions

4X4 car is characterized by the most off-road capability, that is, the ability to drive the natural wilderness terrain, the general common off-road terrain with rugged terrain, slope, mud, sand, snow, wading and so on. Although the 4X4 car in the design of the above terrible ability to overcome the above, but if not pay attention to driving technology, the expected performance is still unable to play. So engage in cross-country driving need to understand the different terrain to overcome the essentials. Before you drive, you need to understand the operation and structural characteristics of the 4X4 used. Especially the wheels, shift, steering, shock, brakes, wading ability and other characteristics of each vehicle. New purchase 4×4 car can consult Shandong Jndo hoisting equipment Co., Ltd., or have the experience of using the car, and to read the car instructions. After understanding the operating characteristics, be sure to try to operate, and to be familiar with. Otherwise the four-wheel drive can not find the shift gap, can not switch to two-wheel drive, not activated manual wheel can not form a four-wheel drive, driving in the slope when the turn, found a large radius of rotation, almost out of the cliff, wading In the downhill road found drum brakes failure, or I do not know the four-wheel drive in the high-speed road driving potential hazards, are common and not familiar with the characteristics used by the 4X4 caused.—Shandong Jndo hoisting equipment Co., Ltd.

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